Notes on the house & gardens


The wallauwa suites

The Wallauwa was the original family home and sits proudly on the highest point of the property.

It offers three very large suites on the first floor.

Suites from 500-600 sq. feet -  all on the first floor with private terraces and stunning views out over the property

Uniquely designed and furnished with antique pieces from Sri Lanka and beyond

Large bath tubs, marble floors, and vast showers make for luxurious bathrooms


the wallauwa bedrooms

On the ground floor of The Wallauwa but with elevated wooden-decked private terraces. Two large double bedrooms.

Large double bedrooms of some 300 sq. feet

Adjoining en-suite bathrooms with tubs and showers

Private wooden-decked terraces overlooking the gardens

Uniquely designed and furnished with a collection of memorable antique furniture


cottage 43

A fairy-tale little private cottage set neatly apart from the Wallauwa and the Lodge. The ideal spot for honeymooners, or just those wanting a little distance from the wider crowd.

One large double bedroom with ensuite bathroom - a tub and shower

A private sitting room opening onto a private little terrace

A stunning plunge pool with views immediately onto a private garden and the wider estate beyond


the Pavilion

Set in lush gardens, a short walk from the main Wallauwa is The Lodge - a former (grand) rice store for the family home. Two very large double bedrooms flank a large private sitting room, all opening onto a wide terrace with views down over the estate.

Large double bedrooms of 400 sq. feet

En-suite bathrooms with separate large showers and very large baths

Bedrooms that open up fully onto a large terrace that overlooks the garden and estate


the lookout

A large and beautiful Ambalama-style space well away from the hustle of the main buildings. Ideal for yoga, meditation, or just quiet relaxation.

The lookout sits on top of our spa and treatment rooms. With stunning views over the coconut estates and plantations that run westwards towards Colomobo it's an ideal spot to watch the sun slowly set.


the pool

An indulgent 40 foot pool set just down from the Wallauwa on the main lawn. Lined with private cabanas, the perfect mini-retreat for those slowing down after a long flight in.


gardens & estate

Seven acres of beautifully kept tropical gardens that weave between residual jungle and the buildings described above.

30 acres of mixed plantation, including teak, coconut and cloves - ideal for a cool idle stroll before dinner.