Viceroy House

Pasyala / Sri Lanka

Viceroy House - a grand tradition...


Building on a unique heritage...

Viceroy House is unique amongst a growing band of Sri Lankan luxury boutique hotels.

In tune with its history, it offers something more intimate and personal - a classical 'house-party' feel in the grand old fashion for which the house was built.

We look forward to seeing you here.


Viceroy was of course originally designed as a private house, rather than as a boutique hotel. At its heart, then, is a great focus on fun and familiarity.

Big open rooms on the ground floor of the Wallauwa evoke images of large, lavish parties. We'll be keeping (to a reasonable extent) that homely feel - sundowner cocktails shared on the terrace; anecdotes and tales of other travels exchanged between guests.

Out of the ordinary




Increasingly famed for its boutique hotels, Sri Lanka has lacked much variety when it comes to smart spots to recover post-flight (or indeed pre-flight).

Viceroy, though much more than just a 'recovery spot', is happily located within a comfortable hour of the International Airport.